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Aerobic Exercise
Continuous climbing is a great cardiovascular workout, simple and non-impacting. It is a fun and highly effective way to add variety to your usual aerobic choices.
Using a positive angle and auto-stop, adjust the speed until you are climbing comfortably without the wall pausing. Climb for five minutes with holds that are comfortable and close together. At this time focus on good footwork, generating power with your legs and leading with your hands. Let yourself fall into an easy rhythm to avoid arm fatigue.

After five minutes, choose only two colors to follow with your hands, but keep paying attention to your feet while actively searching for your next hold. Switch the colors again, or eliminate a color for your feet to fine tune your focus. If you need more of a challenge set the Treadwall to continuous and let the wall pace your climbing.

This workout should last anywhere from 20-45 minutes depending on your fitness level and comfort zone.

I have been through a lot of therapy, and I walk miles now. But I cant do much for cardiovascular, i.e. run. And I dont care much for stationary bikes. This Treadwall has been a wonderful workout for my cardiovasculars, not to mention my kinesthetic awareness. Again, thank you for this machine.


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