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Laser Pointer Game

Laser pointer recovery game main goals
• Build endurance
• Improve recovery time

The purpose of the game is to allow a 2nd person to act as the route setter who will determine the pace and direction of the climb.

Using a laser pointer, an instructor on the ground will point to each handhold they wish the climber to use. The instructor must be very familiar with the route setting on the wall to provide difficult, but not awkward or impossible movement. The instructor will force the climber to push their limits and work to tire them out.


When the climber tires, the instructor should allow the climber to recover using 'active rest' on easy moves.'Active Rest' does not mean the climber should stop, simply that using easier holds at a slower pace, the climber can relax some muscles, control their heart rate and breathing, and prepare mentally for the next section of hard climbing.

Once the climber has 'rested', the instructor should once again push the climber to a hard climb. Begin with short sessions and extend the time on the wall as the climber builds strength and endurance. Using an instructor to set the pace and duration of the climb, will force the climber to push themselves harder than they might themselves, challenging them rather than allowing the climber to fall into an easy climbing rhythm.

The benefit will be an improvement in endurance with shorter rest periods required between hard climbing. On the rock this translates to long climbs of sustained difficulty where the climber may only have a few sections of easier climbing to gather themselves mentally and physically. Have fun!
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I enjoy the benefits of the treadwall, great workout.


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