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Bill_Morse.JPGSometimes its hard to know exactly how to train or to stay motivated during a particularly bad stretch of weather.  When you have the option to train and improve sitting right next to you, though, it starts to get alot easier. Keep your game up in the off season the way that we have for the last 20 years. Build killer endurance and maximize your power using a systematic training machine.

With 280 possible hold positions you can also practice your route setting skills. While a single route is limited to 20 feet of climbing, you can link up multiple routes to increase this distance to your limits. This allows you to mix lines around and create distinct challenges at specific intervals of climbing. If Treadwall routes are repetitive and boring blame the route-setter not the wall.

Here is a possible route system sent in by a Treadwall climber:

One of the best things about this wall is the price, for only $5,950 you can begin training consistently and intelligently. In order to keep cost low the Treadwall Kore does not come with any holds (we can set you up, or you can buy your own), the climbing surface is made from unfinished wood panels (get creative and paint them to your taste), and is set at a fixed overhanging angle from 25-35 degrees at installation.

And when you are ready to order just:
home climbing wall



  • Full 6 foot climbing area provides many movement options
  • Adjustable speed allows the climber to feel as comfortable or train as hard as they wish
  • unlimited hold configuration - make the training as simple or diffucult as needed
  • Non-motor driven for quiet dependable operation
  • Durable construction for decades of use

What's included

  • 11 foot tall climbing surface
  • 280 hold positions
  • auto-stop mechanism
  • unpainted plywood panels
  • White powdercoated frame
  • fixed angle supports, can be installed at 35, 30, or 25 degrees overhanging.

Popular Options

  • 60 easy climbing holds - $299
  • Distance and time counter - $390
  • Angle changing frame, get from 35 to 5 degrees overhanging without taking your wall apart - $460
  • Texturized and painted panels that can help you work on your smearing and footwork - $495
  • Exterior upgrade, for the year-round outdoor wall - $1,200



It took me about 3 years. Now I plan to climb peaks in California such as Mt. Whitney. It is a great workout. I enjoy the climb. Not bad for an old man.


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