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Ladder Line
Now introducing our new series of hand holds!

Pure Fitness
It’s time to climb. With the new Ladder Line everyone who walks up to a Treadwall can be assured of a customizable and engaging work out. The smooth and tendon friendly ladder rungs bolt directly onto any Treadwall to offer a whole new world of training options. You can use it as a warm up for your day at the gym simultaneously increasing blood flow and stretching almost every muscle in your body. Or you can use it as a cool down for your fingers and forearms after an intense overhanging climb. Either way these new holds will revitalize the way you approach your wall.

Proven Design
The new Ladder Line is constructed to the same exacting standards as the Treadwall. Made from solid ash coated with a glossy protective finish and custom molded
urethane standoffs the Ladder line is built to stand up to years of climbing. The total length of one rung is 15” ensuring that there is still plenty of space on the wall for your favorite routes. Spaced every three panels, one set of 15 rungs will cover an entire Treadwall with an exciting and trendy new workout.

Full set of 15 rungs: $299.99
Single Rungs: $25.00

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