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About Us
A brief history of Brewers Ledge:

    Jeff Brewer and I are cousins and started this company in 1990. It is a small family-owned firm committed to building our own designs to our own philosophies. We keep things simple, focus on the training, and assume all our customers are smart, fun and want interesting and effective equipment.  We design what we like, sell it with passion and give the best support we can to all our customers.

    We specialize in a mix of creative climbing structures for schools, training facilities, rehabilitation and playgrounds.  We pioneered many training and climbing innovations in the last decade, and have singled handedly opened up climbing as a mainstream fitness tool.  Although adults remain our main customers, kids are our most enthusiastic customers. We think they’re the best.

    The “Ledge” is located in a classic industrial building buried in a quiet Boston neighborhood. Most staff walks or bikes to work.  It is a family affair and vacation often sees an influx of young employees. We always try to answer the phone. Our staff can handle most questions about service or sales so you won’t have to wait for a call back. We always look forward to meeting new customers; many of them have become friends.

    We take great pains to eliminate most maintenance. We build almost everything in-house and can often respond quickly to custom requests with a tradition of innovative development.

    Our products are fully warranted. We have product in 28 countries, 5 militaries and inside training facilities of every type including homes. From the most demanding rehab environments to a quiet training studio to a noisy high school weight room, we thrive in offering great training options.

Conant, Jeff and the Staff

Company Highlights:

1989    Invention and construction of the world’s first rotating climbing wall.
1990    First commercial introduction of a rotating climbing wall (Treadwall®).
1990    Placed first climbing walls in pure fitness training settings (US, Japan).
1991    First controlled study of using climbing in a fitness setting (Wescott).
1991    First mobile - freestanding climbing wall using a hydraulic trailer.   
1992    First controlled study of the energy costs associated with climbing (Watts).
1993    First climbing panel surface with incut texture (LedgeWall).
1997    First automatic self-pacing for a rotating walls, self tending for all users.
1998    First adjustable playground climbing structure (WingWall®).
2006    Introduced new rotating design, M4, featuring key innovations.

Our team:

A challenging, irresistible workout!!


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