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 LaddermillWe at Brewer's Ledge are proud to announce our latest product, the Laddermill.

This unique free standing unit is designed to be the simplest, safest, and all around best full body training tool available today.

You can count on our legendary durability and decades long experience in the fitness industry for the best equipment and exercises you've ever seen.


We're Hiring!

 If you or anyone you know in the Boston area would like to jump on board and help us sell some Treadwalls and other training machines now is the time. We are seeking a full-time inside sales rep to help handle our fitness and home sales.

We are also looking for skilled and passionate welders, metal fabricators, and manufacturing staff. If you love to build things, innovate, and have fun you might be a great fit for our tight production team.

Please Email us at
sales@treadwall.com with your resume.

Treadwall in the news!

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I found that climbing this wall made you think about where youre going and how to get there.